Healthcare at Kirrawee

Healthcare in Kirrawee and Sutherland Shire

The proficient and experienced doctors are dedicated to providing professional, transparent, and holistic care. Every patient is treated as an individual, welcomed into a supportive and accepting healthcare environment. The doctors highly value patient perspectives, actively listens to concerns, and provides open answers to questions. Kirrawee Doctors focuses on fostering enduring, trusted relationships between doctors and patients for optimal health outcomes.

Dr Lamorna Osborne

General Practitioner, Kirrawee Doctors

Dr Sherry Basily

General Practitioner, Kirrawee Doctors

Dr Koonal Prasad

General Practitioner, Kirrawee Doctors

Carolyn Hanna

Dietitian and Nutritionist, Kirrawee Doctors

Beshara Moubayed

Physiotherapist, Kirrawee Doctors

San Tran

Podiatrist, Kirrawee Doctors

Lauren Gourley

Practice Nurse, Kirrawee Doctors