Dr Koonal Prasad

BA Orthoptics/MBBS/FRACGP/Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine

General Practitioner/Cosmetic Physician

Dr Koonal Prasad is dedicated to providing comfortable, approachable, and quality general practice care, ensuring his patients feel heard, appreciated, and confident as they leave his office. He focuses on offering a bespoke experience, tailoring his approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Dr Prasad understands the importance of inner and outer beauty and confidence. He integrates cosmetic practice as a vital component of holistic care in general practice medicine, striving to make cosmetic medicine safer and more accessible for everyone.

Having completed his General Practice Fellowship and spent time as an unaccredited Orthopaedic trainee, Dr Prasad has developed a diverse and rich medical background. He also served as a co-physician for the Canterbury Bulldogs Harold Mathews NRL team. His experiences have fostered a keen interest in skin-related medicine, dermatological compounding and musculoskeletal medicine, a desire for industry reform, and a deep appreciation for general practice. Moreover, Dr Koonal Prasad is a staunch advocate for the well-being of health practitioners.

Away from his professional life, Dr Prasad is an enthusiastic fan of the NRL and cricket. He enjoys all things related to performance automotive and prioritises his health and fitness. Music holds a special place in his life, and he cherishes any downtime spent with his guitar and ukulele.

Dr Prasad is committed to helping his patients achieve the best version of themselves through a range of services:

  • General Practice, Men’s Health, and Weight Loss Medicine.
  • Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine.
  • Skin Cancer Medicine, including Minor Surgical Procedures and Skin Checks.
  • Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Prasad offers bespoke treatment plans that encompass general health, well-being, and cosmetic injectables.
  • Skin Rejuvenation, providing treatment and advice for Acne, Blemishes, Anti-Ageing, etc.
  • Customised skin care products, in collaboration with Pharmacist Mr Mina Hanna (Shire Pharmacy).
  • Hair and Eyebrow Regrowth program.
  • Guidance on making informed choices regarding Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr Koonal Prasad looks forward to assisting his patients in their journey towards holistic health and wellbeing.